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I've been writing for some time now, for a number of websites, most of which (thankfully!) have been archived before they disappeared.  Check out my past work below!
Oh, and if you're afraid of time travel, feel free to use the buttons to the right to come back to the present.

The Outside Groove:  Real Racing, Fake News


After some "serious" writing for my Dad's website, and a brief run contributing to Douglas Ladd's "old" Pits webiste, I launched my own website in 2005. It was a LOT of writing--an article a day for about a year and a half--but quite fulfilling. My mission was to write intelligent Nascar humor, and I feel like I succeeded. As you can see there's a bit of link-rot with the images on the site, but the articles are still in good shape.


The Pits Online: Gone but not Forgotten

The Pits was the website I most recently contributed to. Run by the genius Douglass Ladd, it featured Nascar cartoons and writing by me. Unfortunately the site is no more, but this is a link to all my writing for this site.

The Maryland Cow Nipple


While attending the University of Maryland I wrote for the best (and only) on-campus humor newspaper, The Maryland Cow Nipple. I tried to pick my articles out from the .pdf archives and store them here. That's right--old, time-sensitive articles with lots of formatting issues! Most of the articles I wrote were touched up or collaborated on by my esteemed colleagues, and the writing parties and meetings are still some of my best college memories. I'd put the average rating of my articles at "PG", but they're mostly safe for work.


Outstanding & Outdated

Other Work:
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